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IDK, can aro spec people get mild crush?


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hi there! im questioning and not sure if im lithflux or just some random alloromantic, the thing i noticed most time i get mild crush and the strong crush i got one of them really looked like strong romantic crush but was more queer platonic i had sexual fantasies etc and i loved her so much BUT i did not felt any jealous feelings or did not care if she wanna be my girl or no i wanted something else i cant say for now and i was fantasies about living with her though it was more like queer platonic with benefits now i take look at it , and also for example i was thinking if she would get marry and get child and etc i would take care of her child so well or if she could give me gift i would care it so well does these description i said necessary romantic? and another one was with strong sensual desires also i really liked her but more think i had in my head was { wanna be her best best friend } and if i had jealous feelings it was like from 1-10 in my fantasies were 2 ar maximum, and other crush i have got were quite mild though when i get mild crush im okay to do romantic stuff but as bestie wich i call it { couple friend} but if they want me to be their girl i had to reject them :< any one know what label i migh be im so confused T-T

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