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feeling betrayed

Guest maria


when my friends starts to date or loving someone, i feel a little betrayed (i dont know if is jealous or anything else)

do you also feel like this? idk how to explain correctly, but sometimes i get depressed bc of this feeling ? sounds like im a terrible person. im happy for them but at the same time i think they are betraying me.. dmwkoeorjw 

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I used to feel annoyed by that. I also still think a lot of people could do a lot better at balancing their friendships with their romantic life. I get that it isn't a betrayal and that that person has found someone who makes them feel better but it will still hurt.

It is fine to be happy for them but still sad that someone you care for is likely to be around less and that your friendship is likely to suffer.

I don't think that makes you a terrible person.what matters is how you act on those thoughts. If you act grouchy around your friend then you are a bit of an arsehole, but if you keep being friends and being good to them you are fine.

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