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Sexuality influenced by gender identity


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I've recently been reconsidering my sexuality since being out as non-binary for a while. I thought I was a man before, mainly attracted to women, and thought I was demisexual. However, I'm starting to think it might be more that I was repressing most of my sexual feelings because of discomfort with cishet male sexual roles, especially in the #MeToo era. Since being out as non-binary, I think I can feel sexual attraction much more easily, though still feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a dominant masculine role in any actual sexual encounter but just don't feel like I automatically would since I'm non-binary and not a man.

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i've been thinking about the same thing! i'm no sure for myself, but i've a wee inkling i'm not as ace as previously thought, it's just that i hate being read as a woman. i was never that attached to my ace label anyway, i mostly use it to clarify that some aros do have sexual attraction, i am just not one of them. but maybe i am, actually, now that i'm more open to myself about my gender. which feels weird after ten plus years!!

this was perhaps unhelpful haha sorry if so! but you're not the only one with these thoughts. 

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