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Am I in the aro spectrum


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I don't mind if I'm in a relationship and have thoughts about it but not a lot but at the same time I don't mind if i'm not because I just don't care about dating. I've only had two crushes in my life both lasted only for a few weeks and or a month (I don't remember how long) and I never fell in love before. I've been in a three relationships before but only one I actually felt fine with the hugs and the other two I didn't feel comfortable with them and didn't like the affection sometimes (I like affection but not a lot). Is there something that might fit me?

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Maybe you are

If you want a more exact label maybe have a look at why those crushes lasted so little time (just time, getting to know the person, feelings reciprocated?) That might give you an idea. Also try to describe those crushes to your self, what you were thinking about those people, what did you want to do.

Also it might be worth wondering what difference there was between the affection you were fine with and the affection you were not, not for the sake of finding a label but because that information is likely to help you work out what sort of relationships you would be ok with.

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