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Sure. I was certainly aro in school, I just didn't know the word. There is a whole thread in discussion about peoples experience in school. 

The only way you couldn't be aromantic in high school is if aromanticism was a thing that sort of turned up after you enter adulthood. I don't think that is how it works. I don't think many people suddenly wake up in their early 20s and think 'where did all the romance go'. So logically most aro people are aro in high school, they just might not know the word.

One of the things that gets said a lot is the idea of some people developing those feelings later in life than others but as far as I am concerned so what.

If being aro fits you now go for it. If you start understanding romance later that's fine (just come back and explain it to me cause I don't have a clue)

The important thing is what you do. If you have no desire for a romantic relationship then build your life In a way that responds to that and if identifying as aromantic helps you now then take that identity and have a look at all the other awesome ways people are building their life.

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