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Was your aromanticism completely unrelatable to your family, too?

Guest Seven Ball


Guest Seven Ball

I knew I was aromantic since a young age, but the word "aromantic" didn't exist yet. And I was pretty open about it to my family.
Basically, it was accepted as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It just crossed my mind someday that I just don't can't even stand the thought of being in a romantic relationship and DEFINITELY I don't want to have kids and eventually I just talked about it, I guess. It wasn't even a real coming-out to me since I just talked about it like about literally anything else. I never had any backlash because of that.

Nobody considered it to be a queer/LGBTQ+ identity, including me. While we all knew it was definitely unusual, nobody considered it to be shocking or bad. It was until much much later that I learned the word "aromantic" and that it is actually a queer identity. (After I thought about it, it makes complete sense to view aromanticism as queer since it's different from the 'norm'. So yeah, I also consider myself to be "technically queer".)

I wonder, if anyone here had a similar experience. Was your being aromantic something that was something unremarkable (not in a bad way) to your family? In that, that it's just a part of who you are and that's it, no stupid comments, no skepticism or bigotry?

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