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Relationships while aro?

Guest Andromeda


Guest Andromeda

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/information on relationships while being aromantic (and asexual)?

So, I know that I am aroace and I am trying to think about my future, and I was wondering if aro people can have close relationships. I know about QPRs a bit, but not really. How do QPRs work? And are there other types of relationships aros or aroaces can have? Can you hug each other and have a sensual relationship (that isn't romantic or s*xual)? What would you call that person? Could they be your 'significant other'?

Sorry if this seems silly. But I am still young and in an unsupportive household, so I don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff. 

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OK, I am really not the sort of person to answer this myself but if you want to read a few examples of experiences and how QPRs work according to some people involved in them then this article mght help:


There is also a big thread on here about whether people have been in a relationship which might have something of interest

As for whether you call them a significant other, thats up to you. If you feel comfortable calling them that go for it. If the term makes you feel uncomfortable then probably don't. Remember, the important thing is what you find good for you. Work out what you are comfortable with and what you are not, then try to form the sort of life which fits around that. If you are comfortable hugging go ahead, I'm not a cop whos going to barge in and fine you for breaking the aro laws.

Also don't worry about whether your question seems silly. It was a totally reasonable question that a lot of aros face. 

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