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Experiences in Specific non-aro Queer Spaces


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I want more bi friends and to be around more bi people. The obvious solution to that is to go somewhere more bisexual people hang out. It's not happening IRL which leaves online platforms. I've heard some okay things about Amino (??) and they have a specific bisexual app too. So I'm leaning toward that lmao seeing as I have negative feelings towards tumblr, twitter, reddit and what else is there anyway? 

The reason I'm rambling like this is I've never been in a space that is specifically for an identity of mine that isn't aromantic and I want to know if anyone else has! I guess I've decided I'll make it clear I'm bisexual and aro? I have no idea how that'll go down in a place that solely for one thing. I'm only in aro spaces online or IRL my friend group is a mix of identities, plus everyone is way more chill offline lmao. Anyone else hanging out in spaces for their other identities, are you out as aro there, and do you find it worthwhile? 

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I'm on Trevorspace, I think I'm out as arospec there? I might not be, I'm significantly less active there than I am here lol. It's for people of the general lgbtq+ community, the user base is mainly younger. It seems aro friendly but there are an insane amount of "Fill out this google form to find your soulmate!!" type matchmakers, so that can be tiring to see. 

I've used Amino before and generally its ok, it's not my favorite because I've had bad experiences there (totally on me, I was on Amino waaayy too young, nothing against most people there)

I'm also bisexual, so if you find a good forum/place online lmk!!

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