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Apathetic Echidna

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So I got an alert about this article. I was so happy to see someone using 'LGBTQIA+' that I was hopeful it would be a good list even if it was basically a 'top 20' style list.

Disclaimer, I haven't seen all the movies on the list and they don't specify the type of representation in the movie, and the website is called 'Man of Many' but there does seem to be a significant skew towards movies about gay men, which seems to be following the general media skew towards stories about white men. 


I don't see no 'IA+' 

There is some L, a lot of G, a bit of B and T, maybe some Q....and 6 out of those 20 can arguably be called male coming-of-age stories.....and it made me sad. 

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