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platonic crushes

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heyo aros, hope you re having a great day. i ve posted on arocalypse before under a different guest name because- well, i don t really know why i m not using it again, i guess i m just tired, since it s around 2am and my head hurts and- yeah. i need sleep. but yes that was about a different matter entirely and i solved that after all so,,, it s good. also, my previous post basically turned into an essay and i do hope this one will be shorter and i won t stay here correcting phrases for three hours as if i m completing some school assignment.

for a bit of context, i m ace, i m questioning being aro (or being lesbian -in the sense of homoromantic?? or somewhere in between? idek) and i m wondering how in the world am i supposed to deal with a platonic crush.

he s an amazing person, he s smart, friendly for basically no reason, just overall having good vibes,,, and i could almost say i m in love with him. platonically. i just REALLY want to be his best friend, and it s so- confusing. you ll get all that allaeged nervousness a

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damn i m sorry this was written at 2am and i think i accidentally posted it like halfway through-

no, it d be completely okay being one of his close friends. that s more or less basically all i want lmao- it doesn t have to be "best friend", though i would definitely not mind if it was.

it s mostly just my introverted self not really knowing how to communicate with people i m not already close to- plus the added fact that every other message we exchange (because of the virus we can t actually meet in person and i m honestly not sure if that makes it easier or harder-) i start overthinking life choices because i m way too stressed about people i want to befriend not liking me i guess? especially him because of the whole confusing mess that a platonic crush is?

i m not really sure where i was going with this back when i first wrote this oof, sorry again- please don t write things at 2am with headaches people just don t do yourself a favour

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lol i feel the same way about some of my friends lmao. but im the one who is stopping me and my friend from talking to each other because im in quarantine hilariously.. as a fellow introvert, i can only be really open with my close friends and this person is one of them and i dont know how to act around them tbh ahahah. is it even possible to have more than one platonic crush? because i might haha.

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