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I have a girlfriend, and I Love her, but can't image doing boyfriend girlfriend things?


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I can't imagine doing things that you would save only for bfs and gfs like in the movies? Like going on fancy dates, getting engaged, marriage, or even moving in together. I have a hard time telling the difference between romantic and platonic love, and I wanted to know if allosexuals feel this way. I know I'm not going to run into a lot of those on this platform, but I figured I might as well give it a shot.

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OK, allosexual here. yes I still get that stuff confused/misread peoples attentions. the fact that i desire sex as a physical act does not prevent me from being a clueless derp sometimes and I'm not sure why it would make this any different. 

maybe this could be a difference someone who experiences sexual desire would have an easier time working out, perhaps with a having a point of reference for what feeling that attraction is like? but in my caseat least that just doesnt help, I still mess up a lot and either see other peoples intentions as romantic or see my own actions as not involving romance when someone else thinks they do.

out of curiosity did you mean alloromantic? I am getting confused over how this would make a difference.

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