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Hello from this gray-aro :)

Blizzard Avis

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I am new here. Been thinking to join this forum for a while, but now that it's almost 6 AM and I haven't slept the whole night, I somehow thought "yeah, now it the time"

In any case, I am Avis and I am 21. I am a University student, and in my free time I like video games, reading, drawing and taking care of my plants.

I currently consider myself grayromantic. I am in a big process of figuring myself out though, especially in the way I view romance. I have identified as graysexual for a while, and somehow the more I learned about that, the more I felt grayromantic may also fit me. However, I am still edging on whether I may be heteroromantic or even biromantic instead, which is why I hope I get some clarity on it in this community.

(technically I could be gray-heteroromantic or gray-biromantic, which I think sounds like the most likely scenario for me, but we'll see)

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Hi Avis

hope you find what you are looking for, you seem to have a good understanding of what options you find likely. If you describe your experience/idea of romance here I am sure there will be a fair few greyromantics who can compare and help you out.

Also while no doubt annoying, it is reassuring to meet someone else whos sleep cycle is as dead as mine :P

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