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Advice regarding an perplexing situation

Guest PickleRick


Guest PickleRick

About 7 years ago I underwent surgery at the back of my head to remove what was apparently a cyst. I noticed a little ball growing there and wanted it checked out. I had recently moved to a new city (Geneva, Switzerland) and only knew one person and I quickly trusted him because he helped me in many ways to settle there. At times it seemed too much, as though I was eventually expected to give something back in return. I always believed that there is never such thing as a free lunch. I was pretty much adopted by his family and it was his aunt, a doctor, who diagnosed me with the cyst. She took a lateral xray of my skull too which I found really unusual/unnecessary for a cyst. She sent me to her husband, a doctor as well, who operated on me with a CO2 laser. It was in an obscure apartment building, but apparently they were moving venues. Nevertheless my intuition was uneasy but I went into the operation anyway. It was the biggest regret of my life. I was put under local anesthetic and the doctor began operating. What I recall during those moments was 1) the smell which coincidentally was very similar to the smell that came from a tooth chisel repair I had had a month before at the dentist; and 2) the moment just before the doctor finished activating the laser where a sensation overcame me, my heart sank and I felt my pupils diluted. Like the moment when you realize you've just lost something really important to you or you're in deep trouble, shocked. At that moment, my conscious awareness changed. The doctor stitched me up and I briefly asked him what he did because I felt like I was being ripped off, but I couldn't summon the right rage or proof to ask him earnestly. He tried to describe the process but he was vague and unclear.


The next thing I remember is walking out onto the street heading home and hearing this high pitched electronic sound, not quite in one ear or the other but kind of everywhere in my head, sounding much like when an old plasma TV sparkles in white and grey. I told myself it's just post-operation and it will go away with time. It never did. I still hear it to this day. The next week was anarchy. I felt like I was loosing my mind and that I would never be the same again. My imagination disappeared, I could no longer see anything in my minds eye. My memory got shorter and shorter. I remember trying to capture information in my memory but it kept slipping away. My internal dialogue, the very voice in my mind that I use to think was getting softer and softer, almost to a whisper. I couldn't hold a thought together. I started to get confused and I was almost becoming incapable of conversing with people and sharing in their empathy. I was distraught and there was no doubt in my mind that this doctor did something to me, it was clear that I was not feeling like myself. I felt betrayed by my friend because this whole situation came about due to his entourage. I began forming ideas in my mind that I was the victim of a despicable crime. That either he puncture a hole in my skull like a lobotomy (voluntary or not) or that he inserted a tiny electrode like biochip or MTJ (magnetic tunnel junction). His mother is a neurologist/psychotherapist fyi. When I asked the doctor for the report he told me, "I don't file reports for such petty operations". I decided to distance myself from them.


The next thing I did was I decided to go to the country I grew up in and speak with people I trust. But clearly this is such a difficult thing to speak about, most people thought I was talking non-sense. I went to have an MRI scan of my brain to see whether anything unusual could be detected. Nothing was found. I had to return to Switzerland because I was attending university there and upon my arrival I continued to investigate with other doctors whether anything could be found. No doctor could find anything particular.


I've been living with this ever since. I've adapted to the new consciousness but I regrettable live with the memory that I had a stronger consciousness and brain power before. Sometimes I get these liberations where for a moment my thinking voice becomes clearer and more articulate, the buzzing sound reduces itself and this is most noticeable when I'm away from areas that are high in radio frequency. It invites the idea that I have a small electrode in my skull that prevents me from thinking freely, especially when I'm within a certain perimeter (Switzerland). Ultimately I don't really know though.


I'd just like to know what other peoples opinion is on this story and perhaps what to do about it?

Many thanks!

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Guest Doodlebob

I recommend seeing a few different doctors that you trust so that you can get some other opinions and perspectives. That sounds really scary to go through, and especially with your skull and brain, it’s really important to advocate for the best care for yourself and peace of mind.

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