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lithromantic with a new crush ://


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i have a new crush i think, my best friend and i have been flirting a lot and ik i'm a little bit attracted to him. he's hinted that he is too. i want to see what happens, but im afraid that my feelings will fade like they always have in the past. i'm worried that my brain will ruin it, and that i might even become repulsed by him and will need to end the friendship. (i'm think he'd respect the boundary, but god that would be awful. i love him so much and i don't want to fuck it up)

i'm also worried that we wouldn't be attracted to each other in the same ways. I feel sensual, maybe queerplatonic, and maybe sexual attraction towards him. i'm worried he'll be romantically attracted to me and i won't be able to reciprocate. (ik the most important thing would be to communicate this, but yeah. i'm not sure how to navigate it)

im definitely getting ahead of myself, idk if anything will actually happen, but these are just a few worries

does anyone have advice? it's ok if u don't. thank you, have a lovely day!

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