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hi all- 28 yr old male here. i'm newly exploring burgeoning feelings of aromanticism/asexuality. i dated a lot between ages 14-27, but eventually i started feeling like i needed to be single, like i wasn't being true to myself. i had a lot going on in my life and things i needed to sort out. i'm finally single and now i'm finding i don't miss romance at all, it's like a weight is lifted. i feel like i felt love for the people i was with, i'm pretty sure of that. but i feel like that part of my life is over now, if that makes sense? it's hard for me to make sense of all of this. i know i don't have any interest in any romantic or sexual relationship at this point. in all, i'm trying to take it one day at a time. i also feel like my sexual urges, once strong, are now an annoyance and fading. a remnant of my former life. it's nice to be here and i look forward to talking more to all of you!

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Hi, it is really interesting to see other peoples experiences of aromanticism.

That description of earlier dating followed by not missing romance is very different to how I have thought about things but is something I have ran into a few times here, you describe it very well.

hope you enjoy chatting to us.

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hi roboticanary- thanks for the reply! societal and physiological expectations can really have a grip i think and being able to let those go is so freeing. it is interesting to think of all the different experiences people have of what it means to be aroace. look forward to chatting more! what has your experience looked like?

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