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People who play Animal Crossing


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Hey there Aro folks! Are there any people here who play either Animal Crossing for Gamecube or Animal Crossing for 3DS? I haven't gotten the newest edition yet.

I'm a fan of just messing around in the Gamecube version, enjoying all my free NES games that I dug up from the ground.. in the 3DS one I just like getting analyzed by the mohawk shrink after I give him apples to eat. I wish going to the shrink/therapist (he doubles as a therapist in this game) were this easy in real life, IRL it seems to require things like insurance.. and money.

Anyway, if you'd like to exchange pics for the Gamecube version, or friend codes for the 3DS one.. let me know. If you just wanna chat about weird things you've done in Animal Crossing, that's cool too.


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