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Aro ring question


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I recently discovered I am aromantic and asexual, I also found out that being able to accept myself and subtlety express myself has made me happier. I found out that a white ring on ur left middle finger symbolizes aromantism. I’m wondering if it has to be white? I feel like a white ring is too bold and out of my style, I have yet to come out to ppl other than my two close friends so. Would a silver ring still work? I would like it to also be recognizable to those who may be looking out these symbols as I might be able to find a fellow aromantic. But like I said, I plain white ring isn’t my style so I’m wondering if a silver ring will also work?

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Eh, I dont think it matters too much as long as it works for you.

I cant find any at the moment but I'm sure I remember seeing a few people on the aromantic reddit page use light silver rings as a sort of white ring equivalent.

As for whether it would be recognisable, no idea. I probably wouldnt notice no matter what colour it was and even if I did recognise a white ring would probably be thinking it was just a style thing rather than that person being aro. 

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