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What romantic orientation am I?

Guest Jax

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AhHH someone please help me. i might just be a late bloomer but i feel other types of attraction possibly romantic to but i dont know. I just dont know what rommantic attraction is. I dont think i am aromantic, but possibly demi-romantic. I always fall for people I have had a connection with, but i also don't know what romantic attraction is. I might feel romantic attraction but I honestly don't know what it feels like. I honestly dont think i am aromantic, but somewhere in that category. I think i am demi-romantic, but someone please tell me what romantic attraction is. What do you think i am??? Thanks. love yall (:

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Guest Anonymous

I mean I wouldn't be the best at describing romantic attraction since I've never felt it haha, but how would you describe the attraction you do feel? 

There are a lot of other kinds like sensual, aesthetic, etc. attraction if you're looking for a label with that. Not that you need one if you don't feel like you do! A bit more information would help with narrowing in on a romantic orientation.

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Do you know the label wtfromantic/quoiromantic? Only you can decide your label, but your confusion about the concept of romantic attraction made me think about this one.

I can't really tell you what romantic attraction is I don't feel it. People seem to describe it as the desire to date someone, thinking about them all the time, having butterflies in the stomach... But in my opinion, romantic attraction is almost impossible to describe because we always do it by giving signs that the attraction is there, and that signs can be interpreted differently. So I think the best is to read people talk about their attraction and see if it fits your experience or not.

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