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Romantic Orientation??? Help???

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So, I have been questioning my romantic orientation for a while, and here's what I've gathered so far.


-I don't feel like I need a relationship, but the idea of one sounds nice


-From the romantic experiences I have had (which aren't many), I am usually only attracted to guys, but that could change


-Regarding romantic gestures, I am comfortable with cuddling and hand holding, but kissing is something I'm not so sure about


-I feel comfortable with having just a group of close friends instead of a romantic relationship


-I don't really have celebrity crushes or fictional crushes (I may have had a real fictional crush once or twice, I'm not sure)


-I can only confirm that I've had one for sure crush, but even then, I still doubt that experience


-I did (and still sometimes do) daydream about having a partner in the future, but in every daydream, me and the person were close friends before getting together


-I have squished on multiple people of multiple genders


-I haven't dated anyone, kissed anyone, or been intimate with anyone


-There are some days where I really want a partner, and others where I can't bear the thought of one


That's about it, so feel free to give me some feedback! Some labels I've been considering are aromantic, homoromantic, demiromantic, and greyromantic. Thanks, and have a nice day :)

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