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Does frayromantic fit me ?

Guest Spence

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Hi ! So I’ve been questioning whether I am aro for awhile & I thought I was fully aro for some time & was happy with that. I felt a relief from the pressure of needing to like someone/the labels of bi/gay/pan/poly & such. Recently I’ve realized I really leaned Into using the term even though I know for a fact I have felt this attraction before at least 3 times in my life. The most recent time was with my guy friend. However, with all of my crushes, the attraction was never stable. It wasn’t consistent. When I met someone I found aesthetically attractive (I’m ace) & start to learn a little about them, I start to really like their personality, I start to feel that attraction. I want to get emotionally close, maybe physically (sensually, not sexually e.g. hugging/cuddling). But then after putting them up high on a pedestal & thinking they make my life complete (yk the usual feel really happy when I see them, happy to be talking to them, close to them, I want to make them happy & see them succeed & such) give me a reason to go somewhere, it dissipates. It goes away. It’s either very sudden or sorta slow. They say something that kinda hurts my feelings, or do/say something unkind toward someone, or is very judgy & I don’t agree/like what they said or their facial expression while saying it. Then I want to take a step back & not be as close with that person & im either happy as their friend or realize they’re not such a great person to be around. I’ve only felt this way with a friend twice. Does this count as frayromantic ? Thanks for reading this !  

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22 hours ago, Skylord said:

What you're describing seems to fit pretty well in the definition of frayromantic, so I'd say yes, this would count as frayromantic. 

Thank you ! 

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