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I've become more aware of my sense of touch


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I don't know where this topic belongs so I'll put it here. I've never cared much about physical contact or about sensation of ouch in general. I don't dislike it but I don't crave it either; cuddling is boring, but lately that seems to have changed. I'm not sure if my need has increased but just that my sense of physical sensation feels heightened. When I walk I feel the clothes move on my body, when I do body scan (a meditation where you focus on each part of your body) it feels so different than it used to; I feel so much more sensation in each part. I've actually started a new habit of imagining the sensation of someone rubbing a rough towel on my back when I want to calm myself for sleep.

I wonder what could have caused this. One explanation could be the lack of touch I've had due to covid. But I feel like it really isn't that much difference. Normally I would hug my friends goodbye a few times a week and that's pretty much it. Maybe it could be some hormonal change?
Anyway I wanted to share and see if anyone else maybe have experienced something like it.

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