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Aro Orgs in Toronto?

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew about aro-focused organizations in or around Toronto (Ontario). I know acetoronto exists but I don't exactly have high hopes for aromanticism in such a space (though feel free to correct me if you've found it to be welcoming). I'm trying to figure out how to get involved in queer spaces for the first time (covid making everything more difficult, of course), so I would also super appreciate any general queer group recommendations as well!

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I'm an aro also near the Toronto area! Hello!

I did attend an Ace Toronto meeting and found it accepting of aros, but I'm not a regular so I can't say more definitively. They hold some really neat discussion sessions. I heard they've been meaning to rebrand to a-spec at some point.

The queer folks at UofT I found to be quite inclusive, but apart from schools I'm not too sure. I would look up events and groups that meet at The 419; that's essentially the queer center of the city.

Hope that helps! And if any other Torontonian comes along with recs, I'd be happy to hear as well.

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