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Random Funny Life Stories


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This isn't necessarily aro stuff, but we all have these moments when we do something silly and funny stuff results. I thought it'd be fun to share.


So over the weekend I was helping my sister's boyfriend's sister move and most of the time I was looking after the sister's 3-year old. I am not good at looking after 3-year olds, one of the reasons being I really can't judge how they're going to react to information.


So this 3-year old (I'm going to refer to them as A) suddenly goes from bouncing on the bed to running into the closet. A says that they're tired and I kind of end up following them in. They say they like sitting in the closet and I say I like sitting in a quiet place to calm down. That is true; when I'm upset I tend to go to my room or something. I'm not entirely sure why I mentioned this, but I guess at the time it seemed like a logical thing to add to the conversation.


A immediately catches on to this, and they start asking something like "So you hide when the monsters come into your room?" I kind of nodded because I don't know what to say, and then they say 'Does [my sister's boyfriend] hide when the monsters come into their room?'


This is kind of weird, so I brush it off and think that A will forget about it. I regret everything about that conversation xD But later on when we're all sitting in the living room, A speaks up and says to my sister's boyfriend, 'Do you hide when the monsters come into your room?"


And that is why I should never look after a 3-year old :facepalm:

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So @Dodgypotato and I were at uni, and we were doing faceswaps. I looked over to the other side of the room and saw a very well drawn face on a blackboard so I thought, why not do a faceswap with that? So we did. And that is dodgypotato's new profile picture on here.


There's also the story about the pigeon's landing on one of my friend's arm. But I already posted it in the "What made you happy today" thread.

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