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Finding the Original AUREA Forums


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So I’ve been curious about some of the history behind aro spectrum labels, and I thought that questing for the legendary AUREA forums would help, so I’m starting this thread for updates on my progress in finding it

So apparently Aurea means gold in latin, so I’m finding all of these forums on random animals and plants lol

I’ve decided to just search “Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy“ and I keep finding all these deleted aro-spectrum quizzes and I get so sad every time I click on one of them and see “error 404, page not found” I wanna take an aro test T.T

Now I’m wondering if they even were original forums, I heard somewhere there were, but I might’ve misremembered?

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Tumblr link I found that leads to an error page whyyyyyyy

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why there’s more error link quizzes WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I’m supposed to be in class rn but I’m more interested in this, he’s reteaching us stuff, also I can just ask my tutor for help later so like,,, I get that this is disrespectful but I’m hyperfixated and have no self control

F U C K i reached the last google page without finding ANYTHING, anyone have any suggestions on how to search for it, or more inclusive search engines? I want ALL possible results

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@Tylore sorry, this might be much too late for you, but in fact AUREA is a very new group and has never actually had forums, they've only had a front-facing page which you can find here.

THe Aurea history article you mention can be found here, but doesn't talk much about early aro forums. Instead, if you want to learn about some early aro forums (like aroplane or NCAV), you may want to check out this other thread here. The original forums are down but you could look for them on archive.org's wayback machine.

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