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Sometimes things work out for the best


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I could just post this story in my status but I wanted to make a post about it so that others can share their own. 

For four years I've been living in a smaller city, about an hour train ride away from Stockholm were I grew up.   There are many things I enjoy about living here and about my work but after a while I began to grow bored with some of them. So about a year ago I decided to start looking for jobs in Stockholm, to move back there.

I would look for postings with the same role I have know, planning architect (I suppose you'd call it in English) but I didn't feel enthusiastic about it, imagining it would be just the same as my current job when I wanted to try something new. I tried finding other kinds of postings that I felt interested in and qualified for but it was difficult. I also felt torn about leaving my current job, abandoning my projects. 

So one day as I was working it hit me. Traffic planning! So in June I sent some emails to different traffic planning consultants asking what kind of education one would need to work with them. I've only taken a single course in traffic planning so I wasn't at all sure they'd be interested. But one of them suggested we'd do a video call talk. We did so and everything she said felt absolutely right to me. I didn't have to pretend enthusiasm as I had for other jobs. And before I knew it I was in a recruitment process and later I was hired. 

Also in my current job one of my biggest projects is coming to a close. And another I'll have time to wrap up before I leave. So it really feels like I'm finishing up a chapter in my life rather than just abandoning it.

Anyways I wanted to share it to encourage others who might feel stuck and like there are no great options. Just explore and reflect and you might find something. Also, if you're looking for a job, don't just go for the postings, make contact yourself with those you're interested in. 

I would love to hear others stories about things that worked themselves out for you

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