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Alterous Attraction

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I've heard of alterous attraction be described kind of like the non-binary equivalent of attraction types and I like that analogy. I personally feel alterous attraction. :) 

AUREA has a couple of definitions:
"An interest or desire for emotional closeness without necessarily being platonic and/or romantic.

  • A significant attraction that is related to other attractions (e.g., romantic).
  • A significant attraction that is unrelated to any other attractions"

I know that, for me personally, if I'm alterously attracted to someone I don't necessarily want a particular relationship or partnership, but emotional closeness is something important to me. It feels different from platonic or romantic attraction, but I know that for some people, other kinds of attraction like that can be part of it (like how for some people romantic attraction also has to come with platonic).

It's intended to be a loose term with no strict definition. Alterous attraction, if someone identifies with that label, can manifest in many different ways depending on the person. I hope that helps!

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I dont see it as wanting or needing anything just a form of attraction. 

For me its finding someone interesting. Usually a mixture of personality.  Energy . Maybe looks  etc.

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