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Questions about QPRS

Guest Lil Guest

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Guest Lil Guest

I have a few questions to those who are in QPRs or have some knowledge about them, since I am considering on having one:

1. What are some activities you do with your QP that is uncommon between friendships? 

2. What is the difference in emotional connection in a friendship between a QPR/QPP

3. What are major (and minor) differences between a friendship and a QPP/QPR


thats all :)

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Note that this is my perceptions/experiences only, and thus they are not the end all be all of QPRs or peoples' experiences with them.

1. Some things are similar to what you might see romantic couples engaging in. Some QPPs share finances, live together, have/raise kids or pets, take vacations, have closer physical intimacy than a friendship, etc. Of course every QPR is different and people have different comfort or commitment levels! There's no one right way to be in a QPR.

2. This is hard to articulate. It's kind of like how alloromantic people have trouble describing exactly what romantic attraction is like. Personally, I could see myself doing any of the things mentioned in my first point with my best friend, so the line between platonic and queerplatonic attraction is thin for me.

3. I'll defer to someone else's observations on this because like I said, I find a lot of interlap personally between friendship and QPRs.

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