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Gender preference for QPRs?

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What is the term that someone would use to describe the gender preference that someone might have for engaging in a QPR? Would it be a statement of "I have a preference for x", or is there not a term for that?

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I'm assuming 'preference for x' would typically be used as 'boyfriend/girlfriend' in this case? In which case the main equivalents I'm aware of for qpps are mostly gender-ambiguous (zuccini, partner, qpp etc.). You could say you prefer men or women or what have you in general, though people will of course usually assume romantic/sexual generally. If the preference is associated with an attraction of some kind some people will occasionally use things like homoplatonic or biqueerplatonic I think? If it isn't associated with the attraction there aren't as many terms (at least not that I know of). But if anyone else knows of some I'd be interested to hear them too.

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