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  1. - I love physical intimacy, kissing, and making out. - I love seeing other people being romantic with each other IRL, and seeing/reading it in media (as long as it's relevant to the plot) - Related: no issues with talking about sex.
  2. LowEndThings

    am i aromatic?

    When you say you like them, do you mean you feel that romantic desire for them, to feel bonded to them as if you were in a relationship, but it isn't a reality you want to pursue? If so, you might be cupioromantic, which is within the aromantic spectrum.
  3. So to be clear, you do feel romantic attraction, but you choose not to pursue it because you don't want to for various reasons. I'd say you're not aromantic, since you still feel that attraction and desire. Choosing not to pursue it doesn't negate the fact that you feel the attraction in the first place.
  4. I'm out in the sense that I describe my feelings towards these things pretty often and easily, if it's relevant. So I've told a bunch of people in my life I don't care for relationships and sex, usually in a joking way but sometimes serious if prompted. I don't use labels often, though. Don't find it relevant or necessary.
  5. Gyneplatonic - platonic preference for female-presenting persons Androplatonic - same for male-presenting Panplatonic - presenting type is irrelevent
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