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Guest Questioning&Confused


Guest Questioning&Confused

I have never experienced sexual attraction or really anything like that, so I am pretty sure I am asexual. I am unsure where I would lie on that spectrum as well as my romantic orientation for the following reasons. I only like someone after serious emotional connection, so I thought based on my research maybe demiromantic? But I do get crushes pretty frequently and on different people, and they don't always last a long time, which doesn't fit what I've read about it. Also, I know that asexual people can find other people good-looking without experiencing sexual attraction (in an aesthetic way, so to speak). I find people good-looking, but it's based entirely on emotional connection in a way? I can have absolutely no opinion or idea of someone being good-looking until we're good friends. This works with actors and stuff too. Sometimes I'll watch a show and my friends will be like "wow this character is really hot" and I don't even realize they're good-looking until I like the character, not in a romantic way but just in a person way. Sometimes my friends will think an actor is ugly and I will think they are good-looking if I like the character they play. But it's never in a sexual way, it's just- aesthetically speaking. Is anyone else like this? I really enjoy romance too, as a book/movie genre, but I don't enjoy sex scenes. It doesn't repulse me, it just feels unnecessary and makes me vaguely uncomfortable. I've never actually had sex and I don't care to. I do want a romantic partner eventually, and I like the idea of having one. I hope this wasn't the wrong place to put this question. Forums are confusing. Okay sorry for the long post; if anyone can help me please do! Thank you!

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