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Cupio and Lesbian?


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I feel like I identify as cupioromantic and lesbian. I've been out as a lesbian for six-ish years, and I only recently began to look more into aromantic identities. I've been in a handful of relationships with girls over the years. I was just wondering if it is possible to identify as both cupioromantic and lesbian? (I'm also aware it's up to me really to chose what labels fit and what I can cram together, but a little feedback would be nice lol.)

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I don't see how you could think cupioromantic and lesbian are possibly mutually exclusive. I am not great at understanding the intrinsic values of non-romantic orientation labels and terms like lesbian (there are some members around who are much better than me at knowing that stuff) but at least with cupioromantic you can designate a target for your interest. You can say cupioromantic lesbian the same way I can say aromantic hetero-greysexual. And of course you can chose to use just one or both depending on how you feel or in certain situations where you feel comfortable or not. 

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I believe you can identify as both, as being lesbian is being attracted to nonmen, and qpr's are a thing (queer-platonic relationship) where it's just as a romantic relationship but with no romantic attraction, but platonic attraction. 

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