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Carnival of Aros May 2020 Call for Submissions - "DIY"

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The new call for submissions for the May 2020 Carnival of Aros is now up (better late than never!) - the theme for this month is "DIY".


Short for “Do it Yourself”, the phrase DIY often refers to the culture of designing, creating, and repairing items without the need for professional training or assistance – this can range from the utilitarian fixes around the house to brilliantly creative arts and crafts projects; from practiced hobbyists to eager beginners to casual dabblers.

As current world conditions have caused many of us to look for alternatives to more public hobbies, DIY has featured highly in the cultural zeitgeist, whether it’s learning to grow your own yeast cultures and break your own bread, taking up sewing to improvise a face covering, or just breaking out the old crafts stash or tool chest and seeing what you can dream up.

But even outside times of crisis and change, DIY can be an especially important part of our lives – especially for those of us in emerging communities like the aro community. As a young community with few resources, we often find ourselves “DIY-ing” our own life scripts, our own pride swag, our own educational and support resources, and our own ways of living.

This month, I want to celebrate that culture of DIY by inviting everyone to share their own DIY stories or inspiration, and to think about how your hobbies have affected the way you relate to aromanticism – or if your aromanticism has affected the way you relate to your hobbies. Some possible prompts include:

  • Write up a tutorial, recipe, lesson plan, or other set of instructions that can help others DIY something (especially if you have suggestions for we how to work in some aro pride symbols somewhere!)
  • Talk about some of your favorite hobbies or hobby communities – does being aro affect your relationship with these at all?
  • Share stories or pictures of your favorite DIY aro pride swag projects
  • Explain your own “DIY” life strategies for living without traditional romantic relationships, if that’s something that affects you
  • Or, talk about your strategies for “DIY-ing” new relationship styles when the standard scripts for things like “friend” or “girlfriend” or “partner” just don’t fit quite right.
  • Experiment with branching out from standard blog format and try your hand at an aro zine, collage, or other art piece

Entries for this Carnival of Aros are due by end of day on May 31. To submit your entry, you can either leave a comment on the call for submissions post or you can send it via email to sennkestra@gmail.com.

Click here for the full call for submissions.

In addition, the Carnival is also looking for new hosts for the upcoming months! Hosting the carnival is a great way to make connections if you are new to blogging, or to encourage other writers to talk about topics you don't see as much of as you would like.

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