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Am I demiromantic?


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Hello! I'm new to this community and I'm really happy to be here! I just need some help clarifying something. I'm 15 now and I currently identify as asexual (although I might just be a late bloomer), but recently I've been questioning whether or not I'm demiromantic. I tend to get feelings for people fairly easily, however they are so short-lived to the point that I question whether or not I ever actually had feelings for them or whether I simply liked the idea of them. The most intense feelings I've ever had for someone occurred a few years back, in which we had become very close friends before I started to realize I liked them, and they became so intense to the point I couldn't really bear not to be around and talking with them, and it hurt to be away from them. Since then I've had several small crushes on other people, however not only were they short-lived but I wasn't really close to any of them. Would I be demiromantic then or would I fall under a different sexuality? Was that intense case just a bout of young love, and am I still too young to know for sure whether I'm truly demi or such?

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I am just one year older than you , my friend, so unfortunately I can't give you all the answers.

You sound pretty Demi romantic to me, but you've got lots of time to figure out your emotions, so I'd just encourage you to continue exploring. One you find the label that you feel comfortable under, I think you'll know. ;) 

For now, your could also just call yourself greyromantic (I call myself greysexual bc I'm so young I'm still not sure) if that would make you feel comfy. 

But you've got a whole bunch of forums at your disposal, so take your time reading other's experiences and see if they apply to you. It doesn't have to be perfect, though, so don't think there's a cookie-cutter around figure that you'll magically fit into. :) 

Good luck on your journey! We're all here for you!

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also my bestfriend i fell in love with. also currently i like one of my only close friends. And i have liked my other really good friend. i have liked people i dont have a strong connection with but not really romanticly. i am so confused. Wwhat is romantic attraction please help meeeee.....

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