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I'm Bee! I'm 36, bisexual and genderfluid, pronouns They/Them


I'm pretty sure I'm greyromantic. I always had kind of a weird relationship with romance. I didn't get the appeal and was instead laser focused on the concept of Best Friends


In fact the only reason I was interested in romance was because someone told me your romantic partner should be your best friend. I've only recently learned alloromantic people aren't interested in marriage because "it's someone contractually obliged to be your best friend" 


My realisation was the same realisation I had about my gender and sexuality. A kind of "oh that makes total sense but of course I'm not that! I just relate to a it a lot and it makes more sense to me than the (straight/cis/alloromantic) view point............wait." 


I am married but since my partner is also not comfortable with romance and views the best friend aspect of our relationship as the most important that works. (he doesn't know if this is because he's arospec or if it's just part of being English) 


Idk it's just like a piece of my life has fallen into place and things make more sense now 

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Happy you could join this wiki! Everyone is super cool here and we’ll all make an effort to try to find solutions to your problems, some fun, or information whenever you need it!

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