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  1. YMBAI if watching a romcom or reading a romance book feels exactly like having to do a word problem on a math test when you're terrible at math Or if the only reason you're interested in a romantic story is because it's 1. Queer and 2. Isn't 100% a romance story (ie is also mystery or something) so you don't get too bored When you're okay with doing romantic gestures to make someone else happy but you don't get why they need or want it and would really rather not When you get excited about marriage because it means someone is "contractually obligated to be my best friend" On that note YMBAI the only reason you saw for getting into a romantic relationship is because someone once told you that your romantic partner is supposed to be your best friend and you are obsessed with the idea of best friends If all your teenage yearning and daydreams were about having a best friend and not at all about having a romantic relationship
  2. I'm Bee! I'm 36, bisexual and genderfluid, pronouns They/Them I'm pretty sure I'm greyromantic. I always had kind of a weird relationship with romance. I didn't get the appeal and was instead laser focused on the concept of Best Friends In fact the only reason I was interested in romance was because someone told me your romantic partner should be your best friend. I've only recently learned alloromantic people aren't interested in marriage because "it's someone contractually obliged to be your best friend" My realisation was the same realisation I had about my gender and sexuality. A kind of "oh that makes total sense but of course I'm not that! I just relate to a it a lot and it makes more sense to me than the (straight/cis/alloromantic) view point............wait." I am married but since my partner is also not comfortable with romance and views the best friend aspect of our relationship as the most important that works. (he doesn't know if this is because he's arospec or if it's just part of being English) Idk it's just like a piece of my life has fallen into place and things make more sense now
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