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Do you want to be my friend ?


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I really wish I would have found this website earlier, or well, figured out I am aro sooner...

i have just started defining (is that a word? Sorry English is not my first language.. :‘))

as aromantic. I am also asexual, but I am not out to anyone in real life yet...

For me it was quite hard to really take on the label aromantic, since I grew up thinking the ultimate goal in life was to get married and have kids, and when you didn’t have that, it was because you were unable to. It never really occurred to me that you could just not want to. But ever since I learned about aromanticism (is this how you write it?) I have become more and more comfortable with the idea of staying single forever. In my future I see now, not a spouse and kids, but a qpr with my best friend who is also aro ace. (And as stupid and crazy as me :))


Why I actually came here, is because I would love to make new friends. Friends under the aro umbrella, the spectrum. 
so please, if you are interested message me! If you later decide I am stupid you can always just leave me on read ?‍♀️  (actually no pls don’t do that..)

I just want to be a part of the community!

and if this site will shut down, we could write via insta or snap or whatever...


this was an unnecessary long text when I just wanted to say contact me!! Please!! I need friends... 

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