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First newbie of March


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Hello everyone, I'm k1tkat. I'm 22, female and aro and straight/gray ace. I wouldn't really identify as ace except for the fact that I'm really only sexually attracted to about 2 random strangers per year, and that the general public actually knows (somewhat) what ace is so it's a more convenient term. Although I've only come know the term "aromantic" more recently, I've known I was that way for a long time, never having any crushes/infatuations, generally repeatedly warning people I would be difficult to date/don't date because I don't really do/can't do emotional intimacy/affirmation (to the extent that people seem to want) which ends up hurting whoever wants to date me. After learning about aromanticism, it's mostly just nice that I don't have to feel guilty anymore about not being into relationships, and not feel like I have to hide the fact that when protagonists don't get into relationships (and they have a choice about it) I'm like *clasps hands and gets a dreamy look* my hero.


That's all, I look forward to meeting people.

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