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Can I be ARO???


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I would like if you can hepl me. I štarte to think that I can be Aro circa two months ago, but I am not sure. 

I have never felt something like crush or feeling towrds anyone, even though I tried. I can only be friend with person. But how can I be sure? I haven't met „the one“ maybe. That is the thing that confuse me a lot. What if I am just like Anastasia Steel and I am waiting for my Christian Grey until I am 23?? Now I am 19 and I feel like it is too soon to considere whether I am Aro. Or I am just too ugly for anyone to date or I do not know. 

But on the other hand there are some Things that make me think that I might be Aro. For example when one guy was really trying to get my Facebook name and I was like what the fucking fuck(sorry for swearing?). I felt like he was trying to pop my own personal bubble. I almost felt panic and dirty. I was Longing for any of my colleagues to come and rescue me.

Or that I can not Imagine me really being in romantic relationship. I can imagine holding hands and lying on bed, but when it comes to snogging. Yuh, I hate the smack sound of lips while kissing. When I see someone snogging like that I always look some where else. And when it comes to sex... as a virgin it is weird thing for me. After just I Imagine it it feels and looks somehow weird. 

And when people are speaking about love I am just listening, 'cause I do not know how it feels. I can say that someone is attractive, but that is all. 

I want to be with someone and live with someone, but I am not sure if I want it to be romantic or just good friendship. 

Ou and I can not say when someone flits with me or what. Some times when I am at work a few men wink at me but I feel more like I want to štart running and escape. 

I can watch Disney fairy tales and feel the pain of love when I am reading book or comics. Is it ok? I mean for someone who can be considered as Aro. 

Maybe I can not feel love, because I am  emotionally arid/dry as my mum said a few times. As a cancer(zodiac sign) I am supposed to have high EQ, but sometimes I have lack of any feeling. 

So all this things are just making mess in my head and I want it to be clear. 

That's why I would be glad if you help mé with sorting out whether I can be Aro or maybe something else, more specific or so. 

?????? Please help me. I am tired of feeling weird and bad that I can not like/love someone in romantic way. 

Thanks for any advice or answer. 

P. S. Sorry that it is so long?

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You can definitely be aromantic. What you can enjoy in stories or movies/TV doesn't change that. Have you heard of queerplatonic relationships? It sounds to me like that might be what you're looking for. That is a type of relationship that doesn't fit society's boxes for "just friends" or for a romantic relationship.

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Well I read about queerplatonic relationship on Aurea. I was doing some research. I was thinking about maybe I can try it(QPR), but in my country it is still a bit weird to be gay/lesbian so I am afraid that I might be alone. I have some good friend but not many and it is sometimes not enought for me, but since there is a chance that I can be Aro it is making bigger mess in my head. How did you guys deal with those odd feeling?? 

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It's true, unfortunately, that in many countries being anything other than straight is still not accepted by society. Have you tried finding other aromantic people from your country online? Also, would you want a QPR with your own gender/the gender people think you are, or a different gender? A relationship that appears straight on the outside might be possible to disguise, but if you want something that doesn't look like a straight couple it will be harder.

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I haven't tried lo finding aromantic on internet yet. I am new in this all.

I have never been in relationship with anyone and also I consider someone as friend after a year or so which is long time. What if I want to try QPR and Fall in love with the person? Wouldn't it be embarassing? 

That is why I am so careful for identifying as Aro or anything else. 

And when it cames to gender that is where it gets interesting. I would say that I preffer to be with guy, but in the end it is not that important I think. Especially after my expirience in cinema on January 2. Me and my mum were waiting formy sister which was watching movie there, so we had Hot chocolade. And the waitress was so hot. I was just amazed how she was smiling with her really sort hair in tiny ponytail. It was something like „appearance crush“, something that just make her attractive in my eyes, but with out any like romantical feelings. So I suppose that gender in not that múch important, when the person's characters kinda fit together with mine. 

Sorting out sexuality is tough. 

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