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I need some help, am I Lithromantic or Cupioromantic?



1. "I enjoy fictional romantic relationships and would like to experience the same kinds of feelings"



2. "I like nearly everything about romantic relationships but do not experience romantic attraction"

Well, I obviously love everything about it, but I don’t like the breakups and rejection... and awkwardness. I used to have a crush on this one boy, and we became really close friends, but now I don’t think of him as any more than friends...other than holding on to those feeling through heaven and hell, and finally figuring out that even if he did like me back... I would feel repulsed, and push him back into the friend zone...



3. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship, just not with anyone I have ever met"

As you can see previously, I used to... but I think I held on to that on person so dearly, thinking that it was romantic love that don’t think I ever truly loved anyone...



4. "I love the idea of romance but I can't deal with it in real life"

Description of moi...



5. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship for practical reasons (not feelings)"

maybe, for like children...


6. "I think I would like it if someone had romantic feelings for me"

I know this one other person that has a crush on me, but I don’t like them back, and it kinda bothers me all the time, I’m worried that someday they will break, and then force me into a relationship with them...


7. "I would be fine in a romantic relationship or a QPR"

I think... but I don’t know how well that would work... I like the idea of a QPR but a romantic relationship might not work...



8. "I would like to know what it's like to experience romantic attraction"

I have a really good imagination, I don’t need to or want to know...


9. "I'd rather be romantic than aromantic"

I’m fine with being aromantic It just makes me kinda sad... I love romance...


10. "I can't imagine spending the rest of my life as an aromantic person"

I think I can... someday I would like to have kids though, and I don’t want my children to only have one parent...



11. "Being in a romantic relationship would help me attain other goals in my life"





12. "I think dating sounds like fun"




Am I cupioromantic or Lithromantic?

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I think it is really hard to tell, but I would tend towards cupioromantic. At least according to my understanding, if you're lithromantic you really do have a crush on somebody which just fades really fast once you're in a relationship. To me, your experience sounds more like liking the idea of having a partner (somebody, not specifically someone you have a crush on). Also, in questions about whether something is roamantic love I personally tend to go with the one without romantic love, reasoning that I would know it if it was love, but that's just a decision I made some time ago.

But ultimately, you have to decide if you feel romantic love which fades (and are lithromantic) or you don't (and are cupioromantic).

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