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  1. I always had this “crush” on this one person, and over time... that slowly slipped away... in a good way, we are really close friends... I don’t want anything more, and I guess I just always assumed that it was a crush, AND THEN... I found a he LGBT community, and I started having more and more supposed crushes on girls and boys, and anyone... so I came out as bisexual...but... that title didn’t feel right, I felt like the community, but any attraction I had to anyone was gone very quickly after I befriended them... so I dug through the titles and found aromantic... it was perfect, but there w
  2. I LOVE ANYTHING ROMANTIC, I LIVE OFF OF HALLMARK, AND SHIPS!!! Well, I obviously love everything about it, but I don’t like the breakups and rejection... and awkwardness. I used to have a crush on this one boy, and we became really close friends, but now I don’t think of him as any more than friends...other than holding on to those feeling through heaven and hell, and finally figuring out that even if he did like me back... I would feel repulsed, and push him back into the friend zone... As you can see previously, I used to... but I think I held on to that on person so d
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