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So, I'm wondering how someone would potentially talk about being in a queerplatonic relationship,while also being romance repulsed. Staying with someone full time is also not an option.Basically I'm hoping to be in a friendship that's based on emotional intimacy as well as sensual benefits( I'm touched starved). This relationship will definitely fall into the friendship category,seeing as there are quite a number of boundaries involved. While I've had friendships with strong emotional intimacy present,I really do get snuggle struggles haha.Romance and sex are obviously off limits. I also don't want to feel like there is a dependency and control factor involved. Not trying to change the other person is of the utmost importance. And personal space obviously (I love alone time)


I've heard of want, will and won't lists etc and I suppose the easiest way to broach the subject is to talk about it, but would want some advice nonetheless (wow ,I actually ask for advice for once haha).


While I desire such a type of relationship,I also don't really think I need it to feel fulfilled ,so probably won't actively seek it out. I definitely am able to be content completely on my own if need be. It's kind of nice  actually. Still: touch starved and all that.But just in case such a scenario were to present itself by chance: What's the best way of communicating my intentions?

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