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Looking for article about understanding attraction


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i was talking to a friend of mine about how to talk about attraction and orientation in an educational (think queer 101) context. when we talk about gender and bodies, we talk about how gender isn't a static and universal thing (like, the framework through which you understand gender is dependant on the cultural context and time period you're in), and they mentioned they'd read an article by a person of colour who lived in (i think) the uk, and the article discussed their frustrations with western aro and ace spaces and their conceptualisations of attraction being assumed as universally useful frameworks. i might have some of the details wrong (maybe it's not an article but a blog post or tumblr post or something? maybe the country is wrong? maybe it was only aro spaces or only ace spaces?), because i've been looking for it for a little while and i haven't been able to find it, so i wondered if someone here might remember it?


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do know of a whole giant thesis/dissertation that an aroace woman of colour wrote that discusses attraction conceptualizations, but it's from an American perspective. If you're curious, it can be found here.


I've done a few minutes of searching and couldn't find something that matches all your points, but I admit I didn't have the time to search all the combinations of your key words and phrases.

My best advice is to get in contact with this friend again, if possible, and ask for clarification.


Good luck!

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