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Aromantic Moments


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I had many aromantic times in my childhood to 10th grade ( in 11th) so I decided to share some


I've been in 2 relationships, both caused me much stress and uneasiness because I felt akward when my two partners tried to show romantic affection, I eventually broke up, 2 times and never really knew how to explain it, only to say: "it doesn't feel right when I'm with you" 

I've also been told I just need to wait, that it'll take time, and in 9th grade, I was in a health class, the teacher was talking about relationships, at this point I knew a little about aromantic people, he asked who wanted to get married, I didn't raise my hand, he then called on me to ask why, I responded

"I don't know, I don't want a wife or a husband, or anyone, well, maybe a lizard or bird, but that's it really" everyone was in shock of what I said, then to be made fun of by them and everyone else



So I single handedly came out to my class back then!


What about y'all, did you ever have those moments before you realized you were aro lol

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God, I'm sorry you had such a situation in class - sounds very unpleasant. Props to you for being so honest! I don't know why teacher feel the need to ask such questions...
Speaking of teachers: In 10th class, we were asked by a teacher to write about our future life. You should have seen my face because I had no idea what I wanted for my future (expect going to university). At the time I was stuck in a relationship I actually did not want but it was very complicated. My thoughts were all about "After this ends, I do not want to enter another relationship, ever". Because I was afraid to face the truth back then and I wanted the stupid task to be over, I wrote something about going to university, owning a house, having my own library (because I love books so much), having two cats and a partner. But the moment I wrote down "partner" I did not think of a lover or someone I'm married to. It was more like "yeah, I'll move in with a friend". Back then I was friends with a girl I would have done it with and subconsciously, I've thought of her. I did not think it was strange at all, it felt very natural.

Other situation(s):

  •  A boy made clear he "liked me" in 5th grade and I answered "You can't be serious" and walked away. That was very rude (especially because he apparently still liked me for several years after) but I couldn't handle his feelings and the situation, at all. It was horrible for me (took me years to realize WHY exactly).
  •  I comforted a broken hearted classmate in 4th grade, who was rejected by her crush on a class trip, by saying something along the lines of the boy who rejected her is stupid anyway - my honest opinion of the guy. And if I remember correctly, I even wore a green rainjacket...hmm! (I still own a green rainjacket, lol).
  •  I was taken by surprise (I was...14?) as Kim and Ron from the Disney Cartoon "Kim Possible" suddenly kissed and were a couple and I've always wondered if it was a mistake. Or why this needed to happen, why they couldn't remain close friends, etc. Their relationship actually started to feel a little more shallow after it and I've always wondered why I felt this way (liked the show as young teenager).
  • I was always more open to talk about sex than romance. Though sex seemed very strange for a long time, too (unless it was fictional).
  • The romance in Disney movies either went over my head or I just did not care for it. I liked Disney movies because of the songs, speaking animals, colors and settings but never for the romance.
  • A classmate once asked me if I would like to have children. I replied: "No". Then she asked me if I wanted to marry. I said "maybe" but wasn't fully satisfied with my own answer and wondered why once again.

Just a few situations I could think of right now, today I'm not surprised I'm writing in a forum for aromantic people :D.
Oh, and welcome @Ivan-The-AroAce to our community! It's nice to meet you! I hope you'll have a great time, we support each other as much as we can :aropride:.

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doesnt help that both of the relationships were with one of my close friends, both of whom were emotionally and mentally unstable,i thought i was just helping but they saw it as dating. my parents never knew till i told my parents so and so liked me, and they helped me a lot

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