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  1. doesnt help that both of the relationships were with one of my close friends, both of whom were emotionally and mentally unstable,i thought i was just helping but they saw it as dating. my parents never knew till i told my parents so and so liked me, and they helped me a lot
  2. I had many aromantic times in my childhood to 10th grade ( in 11th) so I decided to share some I've been in 2 relationships, both caused me much stress and uneasiness because I felt akward when my two partners tried to show romantic affection, I eventually broke up, 2 times and never really knew how to explain it, only to say: "it doesn't feel right when I'm with you" I've also been told I just need to wait, that it'll take time, and in 9th grade, I was in a health class, the teacher was talking about relationships, at this point I knew a little about aromantic people, he asked who wanted to get married, I didn't raise my hand, he then called on me to ask why, I responded "I don't know, I don't want a wife or a husband, or anyone, well, maybe a lizard or bird, but that's it really" everyone was in shock of what I said, then to be made fun of by them and everyone else So I single handedly came out to my class back then! What about y'all, did you ever have those moments before you realized you were aro lol
  3. I've always thought someone having romantic interactions was strange, considering i grew up everyone already had a date partner, and i never had fantasies about one, if i did, it was just to see what its like, then quickly stopped, has anyone else done this?
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