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Happy coming out day (only in the US?)


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So, today is National Coming Out Day in the US (why would different countries have different coming out days?) It occurs to me to wonder, do I qualify? 

I've never considered myself LGBTQ. I'm heterosexual aro, cis-male. As such, I don't think of my aro-ness as ... interesting enough? There's certainly no situation where I would experience active discrimination because of it... Just a vague sense of unease and out-of-placeness... and difficulties in relationships... 

Basically, I don't feel any right to the rainbow flag, more than any other cis-hetero gay-rights supporter.  

So, does saying I'm Aro count as "coming out" in this context? Do others who's only "queerness" is aspec consider themselves LGBTQ? 

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I know what you mean. I'm cis and basically hetero, though I know I'm aro. I see a lot of aspec positivity blogs talking about how aces and aros are still lgbtq, even if they're cis and hetero in other aspects, but sometimes it just doesn't feel right to identify as lgbtq.


Honestly, I think aro does count as "coming out" because it's asserting your identity as something other than heteronormative. I know I used national coming out day as the day I told most of my friends I was aro.

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