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Hello everyone! I'm Emrys and I've recently realized I'm aromantic! It was after reading a definition about what a queerplatonic relation is and it clicked very well. I am unsure as to my sexuality, but I'm beginning to arrive at the same conclusion that I did with my gender. Maybe I keep switching between various labels because it's fluid. So I may be abrosexual??? I am genderfluid tho, I've got that nailed done (tho there are a few other gender labels I identify with).

So other than that whole mess, I do actually have interests. I really love Imagine Dragons, Starset, and Disney music. I play video games, though I've been low on time lately so Minecraft has been my go-to. I'm currently a freshman in uni and majoring in computer science with a concentration (minor but more focused) in cyber gaming and simulation.

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