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How do I get rid of these emotions?



A couple months back, I broke up with a girl and I am a girl myself. Now the reason for this break up was because of how she betrayed me. A bit of background information is that I was (and still am) being bullied by another girl who I've known since 5th grade and we both coincidentally moved to the same town. The bully, who we'll name Snake, was friends with said girlfriend, who we'll name Fox. Fox didn't want to take sides in case there was a fight between me and Snake and she didn't want to take the wrong side. I accepted this but I did try to worn her of how Snake treats people, which Fox was already being treated that way by her. I naturally go to Fox about my worries of Snake but she says "Oh she's just joking." or "Oh that's just the way she is." Seems weird, right? Well Snake let's my number out TO A DIFFERENT TOWN and Fox still won't take me seriously! And after a lot of anxious thoughts I send a text to Fox and tell her that I don't think she's taking me seriously, and how I'm scared of Snake. Now I must admit I was thinking irrationally and was quite upset at the time so I probably should've done better. But the text Fox sent back to me made me completely dumb-founded. She told me to fuck off. To say it blatantly, I was fucking pissed. I was upset. But what made it worse is that she then SHARED THE CONVERSATION WITH SNAKE! And the reason why? Well according to our good friend, Wolf (Friend between me and Fox) Fox was trying to take control of the situation and that she was a Gemini! I broke up with Fox right on the spot because of this and Snake bullied me even more.


But even after all of this, I still miss Fox. She was smart in many ways and an amazing artist, she was also very sweet in many ways. I just want to know ways to get rid of these feelings and did I do the right thing by breaking up with her?

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I can sort of empathize with the situation you're in, I've been in a relationship like this before. I think you did the right thing in breaking up with your girlfriend, if she's making you feel bad enough to reach out to this forum for help then that relationship isn't worth it. You're a better person than you're giving yourself credit for, remember that. You're not going to want to hear this, but the best way to deal with all of your sad feelings is to let them out. Depending on how much time you have, give yourself a day to listen to sad songs and eat comfort food, and even let yourself cry. Once you're let those feelings out, it'll be easier to pick yourself up and look for something better that makes you happy.

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