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  1. I can understand your problem. Though I have recently found a term that might fit for you. It's called 'demisexual' meaning you have to have an emotional bond with someone before you gain affectionate feelings for said person. Now you don't have to use labels, and you can determine yourself to be this if you want to or not, this is only something I think fits with the situation at hand.
  2. A couple months back, I broke up with a girl and I am a girl myself. Now the reason for this break up was because of how she betrayed me. A bit of background information is that I was (and still am) being bullied by another girl who I've known since 5th grade and we both coincidentally moved to the same town. The bully, who we'll name Snake, was friends with said girlfriend, who we'll name Fox. Fox didn't want to take sides in case there was a fight between me and Snake and she didn't want to take the wrong side. I accepted this but I did try to worn her of how Snake treats people, which Fox w
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