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Greetings from Canada!


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Hello, I'm Rekkuza, and I hail from the Land of Bagged Milk AKA Canada. I'm a high school student and I'm French-Canadian.


I'm AroAce. I think I always kinda knew, somehow. For as long as I can remember, I always had a profound disinterest in romantic and sexual relashionships. I never stressed about my lack of attraction. I guess I always thought to myself that it would happen one day, when I would be ready, which kinda helped accepting my orientation, I think. When I found out about asexuality and aromanticism, it just made sense. Like, "Oh, I'm aroace. Guess it explain why I never wanted to date. Oh well."


So yeah, that wall of text is my story, nice to be here!

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A fellow Bagged Milk Land dweller! Welcome. :) Have some aro ice cream to celebrate finding words that made your experiences make sense to you: :aroicecream:

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