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i don't know...



So, I'm a 15 y/o girl, and recently I "discovered"  the term aromantic. I always thought that I was straight, but I never really wanted a relationship. I saw my friends getting relationships and felt like I also had to, but as I thought about it in the middle of the night, it always ended up with: 'no not yet, maybe i'm just too young or something.' But then I randomly saw a video about aro-people, and i didn't know what that meant, so i looked it up and actually, I relate to a lot of things. Like not wanting to be in a relationship, never had a real crush, don't understand the point of having a relationship/or to marry.


And as long as i've known, i've seen myself living alone, with no partner, but with 12 cats lol


So now I'm confused cause i have dreams about kissing someone, and cuddling (very detailed lol) but i don't want that in real life. I really want to talk to someone who has experience with being aro, and i want to figure out what i am, or am i too young to know?



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Yeah, dreams can be caused by all kinds of stuff. I heard there are actual micro labels for arospecs and acespecs who experience attraction in dreams but not in real life. Also some people like the idea of romance while not wanting it for themselves. 

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